Summer of Writing

So, I obviously over-achieved quite a bit on my goal of 23 books in 2023. As of this writing, I’m at 21 books and it is the 22nd week of the year. I have thought about revising the goal to instead be 52 books to align with the 52 books challenge, but I’ve been reading so feverishly, I already find myself slowing down. Spring is in full force and I find, along with my desire to plant things and run around in the sun, my creative juices are flowing too. So I’m going to keep reading, and keep adding to my reading list, but I’ve decided to pivot my tracking focus to writing instead.

I’m starting just as I did with the reading, with a Google sheet with the date on one side and columns for me to fill in after that. Let’s see where this takes me and if it propels me to write — and finish — more.

A screenshot of a Google spreadsheet tracking total words written on a daily basis starting on June 1st.